Performance Marketing

01.Execute partnership agreements with advertisers

①Submit intent of cooperation to advertisers

②LinkTechreviews advertisers’ websites and prepares contracts

③LinkTech’s person in charge notified advertisers of contents of review via email or telephone

④Telephone conversation/face-to-face conversation

⑤Determine commission payment terms and return day and execute the contract

⑥Advertiser makes payment

⑦Advertiser acquires ID and password

02. Prepare for services and start operation

① Execute affiliate marketing partnershipagreement

② Development departmentprovides training and installs codes

③ Advertising customer servicerepresentative details the advertisement plan, such as recommended size of banner, generation of payment criteria and review of affiliates

④ Advertising customer servicerepresentative introduces how to use the primary advertising backend of LinkTech

⑤ Recommend new advertisers to affiliates websites and identifysuitableaffiliatewebsites for advertisers

03. Settlement process

①Affiliatemarketing is a marketing process that pays for performance

②Commission is paid for actual performance (sales, leads and other effects)

③Take CPS (cost per sale) as an example:

March 1-31: an affiliate releases ads of an advertiser

April 1 to 20: the advertiserverifies and corrects theperformance data with LinkTech before the actual amount payable by the advertiser is determined. The advertiser pays the commission accrued in March to LinkTech

April 20-30: LinkTech works with the affiliate to verify the performance data and determine the actual commission payable to the affiliate

May 1-5: LinkTech pays commission from the advertiser to the affiliate