Performance Marketing
What’s affiliate
Item Charge Standard description
commission _% or _RMB Advertisers set the commission percentage based on production cost and promotion budget and by reference to competitions
Activation fee (technical service fee) 10000 RMB LinkTech provides technical interface and technical backend for advertisers to inquire about promotion data in real time.Including: CPI, click, number of orders, sales and accrued commission and its allocation
Managementfee 12000 RMB/year LinkTech platform publicizes and promotes websites to advertisers:
1.filiate center and homepage release go-live notices newsletters to all members of LinkTech
3.ommend advertisers to webmasters via QQ, wechat and telephone at a 1:1 ratio
4.nduct publicity activities in LT free resources: for example, inclusion of shopping bars and recommendation of LinkTech homepage advertising spaces
5.ommended go-live on key media partners, such as, and
Margin 10000 RMB for assurance that neither party will violate any terms of contract during cooperation.The margin will be refunded to vendors without interest if there is no dispute or amount in arrears at the end of cooperation
Down payment 10000 RMB the amount of commission deposited by advertisers with LinkTech, from which accrued commission is deducted on a monthly basis and which shall be made up in case of insufficiency

The following amounts are due and payable after the advertisers establish partnership with LinkTech on online affiliate marketing:


Such percentage of advertising fee as agreed upon with the advertiser in advance paid when revenue is generated through affiliate’s promotional efforts.

02.Activation fee:

Party B provides Party A with CPS service for opening of ID account, as well as technical solutions, including performance tracking system and ad management backend, while advertisers shall pay activation fee to LinkTech for each ID account. The activation fee is a one-time fee and will not be further paid at the time of contract renewal.

03.Platform management fee:

For use of Party B’s affiliate marketing platform for promotion, Party A shall pay the platform management fee on a yearly basis, which shall be remitted into Party B’s account before Party B provides services.

04.Down payment:

This is the commission upfront deposited by advertisers with LinkTech in advance and is fixed at 10000 RMB, from which accrued commission is deducted on a monthly basis and which shall be made up in case of insufficiency.


To ensure successful online affiliate marketing activities, each advertiser shall pay 10000 RMB margin when signing the online affiliate marketing agreement with LinkTech, which will be refunded to advertisers without interest after settlement of all accounts at the end of cooperation, provided that the advertisers did not default in any manner during the cooperation.