Purpose of personal data collection and use of personal data
A huge amount of information will be collected in order for advertisers and affiliates (“members”) to flexibly provide services and settle the accounts while using the online affiliatemarketing service provided by LinkTech. All informationprovided by members will be used for the aforesaid purpose only. Prior consent of affiliates will be obtained when we need to change the scope of information collection, purpose or use of collected information.
LinkTech requires advertisers using affiliate marketing service to provide ID, password, name of legal representative, name of person in charge, address, postal code, email address, telephone number, business registration number, ID card number of legal representative, company name, website name and URL; members are required to provide ID, password, name, address, postal code, telephone number, email address, company name, website name and URL and bank account number and other required information. The personal information of members will be retained while the members use LinkTech online affiliate marketing service and will be used when online affiliate marketing service is provided.
Provision and sharing of personal information
LinkTech will not publicize any personal information of members.
But personal information of a member will be disclosed if the member agrees with such disclosure, violates any terms of use of LinkTech or conducts any illegal activities usingLinkTech affiliate marketing service for which legal actions have to be taken.
Personal information of members will be shared when shipment information is provided to advertisers (or members) using affiliate marketing network, such information is used for statistical, academic research, market survey or notification purposes, but personal information so provided will not be traceable to particular individuals.
Use of cookie
Cookie, as the data sent to user’s browser by the server used to manage the website, is used to identify members in the state of login.
View, modify and delete personal information

Members may freely view, modify and delete personal information provided.
Personal information can be viewed, modified and deleted by simply choosing the “personal info” menu of LinkTech. Or personal information can be instantly deleted after confirmation by the member if the member applies for deregistration of personal information via LinkTech customer service center, in which case the member’s personal information can not be reused.
Members dissatisfied with or complaining about related personal information may contact LinkTech customer service center, where the person in charge will take immediate measures and notify such members of the results of resolution.

User name and password management

ID and passwords used by members may be used by members only.
LinkTech will not be responsible for consequences of misappropriation or use of ID and password by others due to personal fault.
Under no circumstances may your password be disclosed to others and particular attention shall be paid to possible leakage of personal information in the state of login.

Important statement

The personal privacy protection of LinkTech and its right of modification and renewal remain with this website.
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